April 9, 2012

Euro 2012 Kits - Champ and Chump

Here's the full range of kits for EURO 2012. Let's take a look at the groups, and I'll tell you which ones are my Champ and Chump. Bear in mind this is what I think of the kits, not their respective nations' performance.

Group A
This group share a number of the same colors, so deciding a favorite based on color scheme is a bit arbitrary.
Champ: Czech Republic - Puma always makes sleek and classy kits, and these incorporate the proper amount of secondary color accents without overpowering the base color
Chump: Poland - Nike, as we'll see, is in a color band phase. This kit is similar to Brazil's last kit, and it always reminds me of a big minus sign. I also feel that they should have dropped the PZPN logo, the release of which was a grand spectacle just some time ago. Clearly they want to get their money's worth, but I've always liked the Polish shield better, and it should've stood in for the robot football.
 Group B
This group brings a number of teams with classic looks together, and this is going to be a tough one.
Champ: Netherlands home / Germany Away - The Oranje's home strip is always going to be in orange for the rest of time. Taking that into account, it may be difficult to try different variations, and I think the dark orange slices in the jersey make this Nike's best kit this year. Germany gets props for reviving the green away kit, and of all the kits this year, I want to get this one the most.
Chump: Denmark - Denmark has failed to impress in their last few kits, so I don't have high expectations for their kits. That being said, this shirt looks like it's a knock-off adibas. The patterns and colors on the home kit are too busy, and the away kit has no character. Top that off with a lame logo and you have the worst kit of Group B. 
 Group C
Group C is certainly this year's group of death, considering the skill of all the teams
Champ: Spain - Spain's jerseys always remind me of some kind of royal regalia. They mix colors and patterns well, and they have a very cool crest. I'm not sure how I feel about the digital sash, but on television those generally blur well enough to pull off the effect.
Chump: Ireland - While I like the crest, I can't say the same for the rest of the kit. The stripes aren't bad but the kit is ruined by the out of style tribal fat numbers. They don't compliment their kit's style well at all.
 Group D
Champ: England - This kit is a mix of football kit and golf outfit.
Chump: France - While the away kit is a step in the right direction, I won't say the same for the home kit. The stripes will always remind me of a stereotypical Frenchman, with a beret, striped shirt, moustache, and neckerchief.

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